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We are looking for players for any team but especially need Unlimited football players and cheerleaders and 95lb football players. If you know of anyone that fits the below criteria for the Unlimited team or any other team send an email to with your name and a number where we can contact you to discuss your options.

**Unlimited players can now turn 15 on or after January 1st, 2013. If you were born before January 1st, 1998 you will NOT be eligible to play in the AYFL. The January 1st cutoff ONLY applies to the Unlimited division.**

The 2013 regular season begins Saturday August 10th at Mullins Park in Coral Springs. Players MUST be registered to participate. The registration fee is $175 which includes all necessary equipment EXCLUDING cleats and mouthpieces for football and shoes and miscellaneous items for cheer. Shorts and cleats will be the uniform for the first week of practices. You can register Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at Sunrise Leisure Services Office , or you can contact them at (954)747-4600.

All practices will be at S.A.C. Field at 11501 NW 44th Street Sunrise, FL 33322. Practices will be held Monday thru Friday from 6 - 8pm but each team MAY differ. Head coaches will determine days and times of practices. If it is raining don't assume practice is cancelled, we will practice in the rain. Practices will be cancelled at the field unless your coach sends an email or text telling you that it is cancelled. Make sure the players and cheerleaders are drinking plenty of fluids. Stay cool and hydrated!!!

Players or coaches coming to the Sunrise Gators from other AYFL teams will need to complete a player or coaches release form before you can play or coach for the Sunrise Gators. If you played or coached for the Sunrise Gators last year or were in any other league besides the AYFL you do not need a release. If you have any question about this process send an email to The release forms are located in the Links tab of the menu bar on the left side of this page.

Please note that this is a full contact, competitive tackle football program. There is NO mandatory must play rule and players may be cut based on registration and skill level. Although our program does not guarantee that each football player will get to participate in every game, an attempt will be made to see that all players participate during the course of the season. Adjustments are made by the Coaches to improve the competitive skill level required for each team to ensure the safety of every player during the game.

----Division---- ----Max Weight---- ----Max Age as of 08-31-13----
Pee Wee 75lb 8
95lb 95lb 9
105lb 105lb 10
115lb 115lb 11
125lb 125lb 12
140lb 140lb 13
Unlimited Unlimited* 14 or 15 as of 01-01-13

* In the Unlimited Weight class any player that weighs over 180lbs at weigh in will be designated as a "HEAVY" for that game. An "H" will be placed on the back of these players' helmets and they will be restricted from playing a position that would advance the football. These players will be assigned to interior line positions on offense and down linemen positions on defense. The purpose of this rule is to ensure that at no time can these players handle/advance a football and at no time will they play a position that allows them to get a running start prior to the ball being placed into play. The exception to this rule would be advancing a turnover.


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You can now purchase a copy of any game DVD for $5.00 per copy. To place an order send an email by clicking here.

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